Winter Tree Care

Winter Tree Care Chicago, IL

Unfortunately in Illinois, we have to deal with long winter months. Harsh winters can be damaging for the trees and shrubs in your lawn. Cold weather can damage bark, kill branches and damage roots. Trees lose water in the winter from sun and rain and their frozen roots are unable to replace water, causing a browning of the tissue and even eventual injury or death. If you aren’t prepared, you will be in for an unpleasant surprise in the spring when the snow and ice melts.

Winter Tree Preparations

There are a few common recommendations we offer to consider when the weather starts to turn. To prevent injury to your tree, place a barrier of burlap on the sides of the tree showing injury. Planting mulch around the tree trunk will help prevent frost heaving because it acts as an insulator. This will retain moisture when the roots are too frozen to replace water. Before it gets too cold, mulch and water the ground surrounding the tree to help in the future. Any lower or broken branches should be removed to prevent any falling branches during a bad storm.

​Winter surprisingly is a great time to prune your trees for multiple reasons. In the cold, the frozen ground gives the tree expert better access to areas and makes it easier to use the equipment that they wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise. Full foliage in the spring and summer can obstruct views, so in the winter there is better visibility to spot structural problems and make better pruning decisions. Because plants are dormant in the winter, any type of injuries will only be there for a short amount of time until the spring returns and new growth begins. And lastly, there are not many other landscaping tasks in the winter to get in the way of your tree care.

Not a fan of being outside in the frigid Illinois cold? Call Chicago Tree Service for quality winter care service. Our arborists will be able to help you out with planning for the cold weather and ensure your property will stay beautiful come spring time.

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