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Tree Service & Removal Lincolnwood IL

Chicago Tree Service welcomes you. We are the best tree service company in Lincolnwood and the surrounding Chicago area. We offer emergency tree service, tree removal service, tree trimming, tree branch removal, tree pruning, stump removal and lot clearing. If you are having a problem with a tree, or multiple trees due to severe weather or any other event, we can come to the rescue quickly. We also will meet or beat any other tree service pricing so you can be sure you will get a fair price for the work performed. We look forward to handling any of your tree service needs with excellent customer service, competitive pricing and you can be sure that everyone who works here loves trees. It is our desire to preserve trees when possible and we take great care when trimming trees to ensure they stay healthy and beautiful.

Lincolnwood Tree Removal

At Chicago Tree Service we specialize in tree removal in Lincolnwood. Many times a tree is difficult to remove because it is very close to the home or another obstruction. Other times it is difficult to get the proper equipment to the tree to complete the job. Lincolnwood Tree Service has both the expertise and the most advanced equipment to get the job done. We offer free tree removal service quotes and will not start any job until our clients are informed. Many people just need us for cutting down trees or tree clearing and are not of an urgent nature. We can gladly provide you with a free quote. You will find that Lincolnwood Tree Service will be the most competitive than the other tree removal companies. We would ask that you first call us the next time you need tree removal at your home or business. We off both residential and commercial tree removal services.

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Lincolnwood Tree Trimming

Need to get those overgrown trees trimmed? Give Chicago Tree Service a call! We have state of the art equipment that can get the job done quickly and easily. At Chicago Tree Service we also have the knowledge and experience to keep your trees safe and healthy. You probably have heard that pruning trees or trimming trees the wrong way can damage the tree or sometimes can kill trees. You can be sure that Chicago Tree Service with its 20+ years of experience will take good care of your tree trimming project. We do both residential and commercial tree trimming. We also will be happy to provide you with a free estimate to have your trees trimmed. Keeping your trees properly groomed is not only healthy for the trees but adds beauty, promotes growth, and adds a clean look to your property and grounds. We recommend having your trees trimmed every year or two and we are the tree experts to get the job done right. You will also find that our Lincolnwood tree service is priced very competitively against the other tree trimming companies. We will usually meet or beat our competitors pricing. Take good care of your trees and you will be less likely to need tree service that requires us to come out immediately. Chicago Tree Service can also offer an annual review of your trees and provide you with an estimate of any work that is suggested.

Lincolnwood Stump Removal

Stump removal is a separate part of having a tree removed. When a tree removal company cuts down a tree they will leave the stump unless you request, and pay for having the stump removed. Stump removal is a separate process that requires specific equipment. At Chicago Tree Service we have the most advanced equipment to get the job done professionally and as quickly as possible. We are happy to provide a free quote on having your stump(s) removed. Generally, the price is based on the size of the stump, the location, and the age of the stump. We will grind the stump into mulch which you can keep for yourself to put in the garden or we can get rid of it for you. Many people want to get rid of tree stumps because it can take up needed space in the lawn, makes lawn mowing a little harder, can create infestations of parasites, and can even be a hazard for children. Once our stump removal process is done, any people cover the area with topsoil and grow grass over the area.

Tree Removal Cost

Tree removal cost varies based on several factors. First, if the tree requires us to climb it and must be taken out in pieces verses if it can be laid out on the ground, the cost will be higher. It will also be higher if other buildings or power lines are in close proximity. Additionally, the size of the tree and the health of the tree factor in to the cost. Some trees are not safe to climb. We do our best to keep costs to a minimal depending on the situation. Contact us to get a free estimate. ​

All tree removals are done on a case by case basis – which means that there is no set price for the service. Instead, a member of our team will come to your property to assess the tree which needs to be removed, and come up with a free no obligation quote for you to consider. The quote will be determined by a number of factors.

Cost of Stump Removal

If you have more than one stump that needs to be removed, it is no problem for our experienced team of arborists. Even when you have a budget for having the stumps removed, we can help you. We work with our customers regardless of their budget. Call us today to find out what we have to offer to you at the budget that you specify. You will see just how serious we are about helping you with your service needs. The fact that we are so willing to work with our customer’s budget should give you some indication of why our services are preferred to many other tree services in Rogers Park. When you have a problem, Chicago Tree Service has a solution. An old tree stump might be infested. To prevent this from affecting the rest of your yard, let us remove it for you right away.