Tree Removal


We love trees and we know that you also love the trees that are on your property. However, there are instances that will call for tree removal Chicago services. Often times it is a safety measure, when a tree has become a safety hazard. If you have a tree that has grown old or decaying or dying, this makes it a serious threat to life and property. You should never wait for the tree to fall on its own as it can be disastrous.

There are many reasons why a tree on your property may need to be removed. Trees that are diseased past the point of restoration can become health hazards from the air around them that people breath. A diseased tree can also affect soil and other surrounding trees. New construction in a property could require the removal of trees because of obstruction. Storms of course can damage trees to the point that they become dangerous and could lose branches or even fall on there own. Or maybe you would just like to give your yard and house some breathing space and open up your landscape. Whatever the reason, call us for proper and safe removal services.

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There are four easy aspects of a tree you can examine if you’re unsure whether or not it’s time to be removed. A dead tree may not look like it’s an immediate danger to your property but it is a hazard because it is weak. Below, see the warning signs for a tree and find out your best case option: 

  1. Location – How close is the tree to your home? Are there any branches touching siding? With any high winds or storms that can easily cause damage. Is it casting a lot of shade over your house? A lack of regular sun my cause mold to grow on the sides and can cause a health risk. Are there any branches near power lines? This is definitely a hazard and can cause serious damage to your property.
  2. Appearance – Any cracks or holes in the bark are tell tale signs that you need an expert. These can quickly become structural issues and more prone to falling down.
  3. Leaves and bark – Your tree may be diseased if you can see discolored leaves, a lack of veins, or if the leaves fall too early in the season. 
  4. Branches – are there any dead or hanging branches in the upper ends of the tree? These could be a sign of disease and age as well.

If you notice any of these symptoms, you should call a professional. Our arborists can help you diagnose your tree and help you decide if it’s time to remove or if there is a chance to save your tree.


Removing a tree on your own can be extremely dangerous, time consuming, and backbreaking. If you have to use a ladder to removed tree limbs, it’s to big for you to do. Using a ladder with a chainsaw is a massive risk and shouldn’t be done by anybody expect highly trained experts. Falling tree limbs can be unpredictable and wreck havoc. The damage to your self or your property can be highly costly. A certified arborist is educated on the best ways to safely remove trees. Call Chicago Tree Service today for a free estimate from one of our professionals.


Tree removal cost varies based on several factors. First, if the tree requires us to climb it and must be taken out in pieces verses if it can be laid out on the ground, the cost will be higher. It will also be higher if other buildings or power lines are in close proximity. Additionally, the size of the tree and the health of the tree factor in to the cost. Some trees are not safe to climb. We do our best to keep costs to a minimal depending on the situation. Contact us to get a free estimate.