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Tree Removal services are very necessary in many different situations. Some of these various reasons are due to safety concerns. Other reasons may be that you want to make room for construction, a landscaping endeavor, or you might just want some extra sun to come into your yard or pool. In any and all situations, you will need services from professionals to get that tree removed. So, let our tree removal team be of service to you. Chicago Tree Service has affordable tree removal services for the Rogers Park neighborhood. Many people may try to remove their tree by themselves, and we advise you not to do this without supervision from a company who has certified workers in this field. If you plan to do it by yourself, ask yourself whether or not you know this questions: Would you know whether to:

  • use a bucket truck,
  • climb the tree,
  • use a crane when removing the tree,
  • how close to bring the machinery if necessary to the tree,
  • whether you will damage any:
  • gates,
  • pools,
  • porches,
  • powerlines
  • or structure that may be in the way.

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Tree Removal Service

If you answered no to any of these questions, then it would not be a good idea to get your tree removed by yourself. There are things that people don’t know about the tree removal process and some of these things include what happens after the tree removed. After your tree is removed, there still is a stump that is left behind and this stump must be addressed.

​Chicago Tree Service will remove the stump through various methods, one of the most effective methods is to grind the stump nine to 13 inches below ground level to permit the planting of grass, new tree, plants or shrubs. These are all problems that you should and won’t have to worry about. You may also have outer roots that are now above ground level. Thanks to the removal of your tree, we will handle it accordingly. Our company doesn’t just offer exceptional tree removal services for West Ridge. We will also provide landscaping and soil, sod, and seed spreading for the open spot that was left from the tree. We make sure that you have a variety of options when picking how you want to remove your tree. A tree must also be removed if it is dying, and there are various ways to tell whether your tree is in need of a removal.

If you spot these types of defects in your tree: cracks, cankers root problems and decay, then you shouldn’t hesitate to CALL US IMMEDIATELY! One of the most common problems people face with their trees are cracks. The cracks go deep within the tree, and you will need a company that knows how to save the limbs, so it can naturally repair itself through time. There was a lot of information covered in this excerpt about tree removal. We do this, because we want to make sure you make the right choice in picking a company who is willing to inform their customers, because informed customers make the best decisions. The last question you may ask of our company is “how much do your tree removal services cost?” Our company works with all types of funds, and we are also flexible and have affordable rates. Now that you know how great our tree removal services are, just give us a call and our operators will be with you soon!

Tree Removal Cost

Tree removal cost varies based on several factors. First, if the tree requires us to climb it and must be taken out in pieces verses if it can be laid out on the ground, the cost will be higher. It will also be higher if other buildings or power lines are in close proximity. Additionally, the size of the tree and the health of the tree factor in to the cost. Some trees are not safe to climb. We do our best to keep costs to a minimal depending on the situation. Contact us to get a free estimate. ​

All tree removals are done on a case by case basis – which means that there is no set price for the service. Instead, a member of our team will come to your property to assess the tree which needs to be removed, and come up with a free no obligation quote for you to consider. The quote will be determined by a number of factors.

Cost of Stump Removal

If you have more than one stump that needs to be removed, it is no problem for our experienced team of arborists. Even when you have a budget for having the stumps removed, we can help you. We work with our customers regardless of their budget. Call us today to find out what we have to offer to you at the budget that you specify. You will see just how serious we are about helping you with your service needs. The fact that we are so willing to work with our customer’s budget should give you some indication of why our services are preferred to many other tree services in Rogers Park. When you have a problem, Chicago Tree Service has a solution. An old tree stump might be infested. To prevent this from affecting the rest of your yard, let us remove it for you right away.