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Can I Remove a Tree on My Own?

There are some DIY home and landscape projects that you can do yourself. But for other projects, it is better to leave it to a professional. Although it may seem like an easy way to save some money, transplanting or removing a tree on your own is rarely a good idea.

Find out if it is ever safe to remove a tree on your own.

Here are 11 risks of tree removal on your own, or DIY.

#1: If you need a ladder to reach and remove tree limbs, that tree is too big for you to remove safely by yourself.

#2: If you try to cut down a tree with a chainsaw, many things could go wrong. You might fall off the ladder, lose control of the chainsaw, or worse. It is hazardous to do this, and it is not worth the risk.

#3: The tree limbs you are cutting could fall on your house, go through a window, hit you, or even knock you off the ladder while you’re holding a moving chainsaw.

#4: Falling tree limbs are large and completely unpredictable, making them very scary when you have no experience.

#5: You can do many things yourself around the yard and garden, but tree removal is not one of them.

#6: If you try to remove a tree yourself and get hurt, you will have to pay the hospital bills. If you damage your home while attempting to remove a tree, you may pay for a roof replacement, siding, windows, you name it.

#7: If you tie up a tree or tree stump to your truck, attempting to unroot it, it will damage the vehicle.

#8: Taking down a tree this way is dangerous. If a tree is very close to your house or other buildings, it can be tough to predict where it will fall. This could result in damage to your car or home.

#9: Even if you save money on tree removal, it won’t compare to the expense of repairing your car or house.

#10: Trees can be absurdly heavy. Most standard pickup trucks do not have the towing capabilities to handle mature trees. The stump alone could be too heavy.

#11: If you try to pull out a large tree or stump that is too heavy for your truck, the ropes or chains you’re using could break. This could damage your vehicle. With all of the damage you could do to your car or home of DIY tree removal, you will likely not save any money.

You may ask, are small trees, okay to take down by myself? If you can easily remove the tree without using a ladder. If you’re unsure whether or not you can remove the tree on your own, get help from a certified tree service company.

After knowing all of these risks, and you still want to move forward with DIY tree removal (which we do not recommend), here is how you can get it done:

Step 1Water your tree around the roots and nearby soil the day prior, so it’s easier to maneuver the ground.

Step 2: You will need to dig down 6 inches for every inch that the trunk of your tree is. This will help you reach the entire root system. So measure your trunk.

Step 3: Use a shovel to dig around the tree’s roots. The roots likely go out to the edge of the tree’s top branches. Try to go down as close to the trunk as possible.

Step 4You can use leverage to free the root ball. Now your tree is down. If you want to get rid of the tree, cut it into small pieces with a chainsaw. Make sure to wear eye protection and large headphones or earplugs.

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