Chicago Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding Chicago, IL

Whenever a tree is removed, a stump will be left behind. If you have a stump in your yard that you haven’t given much thought too, you may want to consider stump grinding services to remove it. This process can be just as complicated and physically demanding as removing a full tree and we recommend hiring a professional to take it out. Our team at Chicago Tree Service is ready to help get rid of any unwanted stumps so call us today!

When you look around at Chicagoland properties, you will realize that there are many stumps that are left behind after Chicago tree removal. The intention is to have the stumps decay after a while. However, this is dangerous and you cannot afford to wait them out. We know that stump removal is a challenging task for most people and this is why we use stump grinding as an effective alternative. We have powerful grinders that we will use to break down the stumps into wood chips. We will take it all the way below the ground level.

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Why Should I Remove A Stump?

Tree stumps can cause many problems for homeowners. Besides being unpleasant looking in your lawn, they can take up space, attract pests such as ants and termites. If not taken care of in time, those pests can cause further damage to your yard. When a tree is removed due to fungus or another disease, it is likely that it spread to the trunk, and will remain in the stump after removal. Using the proper tools and equipment we can take care of the largest and most complicated tree stumps.

Our Stump Grinding Service

Chicago Tree Service offers a quality, affordable stump grinding service. Let us handle the risky equipment and difficult work for you. We will take necessary steps around your lawn before the grinding begins – including any trimming of other plants around the stump and removing any rocks or debris that may become dislodged and thrown up from the equipment. The best way to dispose of a tree stump is to grind it down and take care of the wood chips that are left behind. Whether you have just removed a tree, or you have a new property with old stumps that got left behind, contact us today for a free quote and we can help with our stump grinding services.