How to Cut Tree Leaves for Compost

Shredded leaves can be used to make compost. However, if you don’t know how to accomplish it, this might cause issues. Shredding leaves with a lawnmower is the most common approach for composting leaves. Most individuals already own a lawnmower, making this method cost-effective and convenient.

This article instructs you on how to mulch leaves with a lawnmower. It also discusses alternative approaches, such as using a weed eater, leaping on the leaves, and allowing your chickens to do it for you.

Here are 6 Ways to cut leaves for composting:

1. Try your lawnmower

This is a widespread technique since most people have access to a lawnmower. Mulching lawnmowers are the most efficient for this operation, but any grass mower will do.

It will be simple to gather the leaves if you have a mower with a bag attachment. Don’t worry if you don’t own one. After you’ve finished cleaning, rake them up.

There are numerous methods of mowing your leaves. Arborists or homeowners should disperse the leaves over the whole lawn. Then a thin layer is left as lawn mulch. Another technique is to rake the leaves into a pile and push the mower directly into the center.

2. Have your kids jump up and down on the leaves

Jumping on leaves may not turn them to wine, like grapes, but there is good reason to do this. It’s a lot of fun, and your kids can join in. Be sure to jump on leaves that are dry and crispy. If they’re wet, let them dry out for a few days first so they’ll be easier to crunch.

It’s good to wrap the leaves in trash bags before throwing them in the yard. This will keep them from creating a mess and make cleanup easier later.

Your local tree service may spread leaves over your sidewalks to make them suitable for composting. Over time, the leaves will deteriorate, preparing the surface for composting. Because this technique is more time-consuming than walking on the sidewalk, you shouldn’t be concerned if you must wait.

3. Try your leaf shredder.

A leaf shredder is a tool that you can quickly and easily shred leaves. You can put a lot of leaves in at once, and the machine will chop them up using a line trimmer. You can either attach a bag to catch the shredded leaves or put a bin under the shredder to collect them. This will avoid spending too much time and hassle.

Leaf shredders are easy to use and can make your work easier. Some of them come with different settings, so you can choose how finely you want the leaves shredded. If you often have twigs mixed in with your leaf piles, you should consider buying a chipper shredder. It’s a fantastic option for removing any loose branches.

4. Drive Your Car On them

Driving over your leaves is an intelligent technique to crush many leaves at once. It’s quiet, and you won’t be exposed to any dust, so it’s an excellent option for sensitive people. Place the leaves around your driveway and then drive over them from various angles. You’ll have to rake the leaves up afterward, but the vehicle won’t distribute them too far.

5. Try a leaf vacuum

Another approach to removing leaves from your yard is with a leaf vacuum. This is a handy instrument that you can walk around with and collect all of the leaves. It’s far more accessible than collecting them by hand.

A leaf vacuum is a machine that mulches leaves and deposits them into a collection bag. The bags are typically small so that they can be carried easily. You will need to empty the pack multiple times.

6. Bring chickens to your property.

If you have hens, you may employ them. The leaves will keep the insects away from your chickens. They’ll also poop on the leaves, which is beneficial to your garden.

The leaves can be eaten by pecking or plucking them. This is a simple procedure. Collect the leaves after your hens have finished eating them.

7. Try your weedwhacker

This is one method to shred leaves fast. It’s very dusty and noisy, so be sure you’re wearing the appropriate attire.

To shred leaves, you may use a weed trimmer. Fill the garbage can, go halfway with leaves and lower the weed trimmer into the middle of the mixture. The weed eater will devour your leaves in minutes if you don’t pack them tightly. Try not to fill the leaves too closely.

What tree leaves should I avoid cutting for compost?

Not all leaves are suitable for composting. Homeowners should not add diseased greenery to a compost pile unless the heat is high enough to destroy any virus or harmful bacteria. If you don’t follow this procedure, the pathogens may survive in your leaf compost and then infect your plants.

If you want to plant new seeds, there are certain plants you should avoid. These plants include natural herbicides that might prevent new seedlings from developing.

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